Hi, I'm Owen Walters, Founder & CEO of Mo & Co Soaps. I am so glad you're here. Please check out the wide variety of scents we make. I bet there will be a scent that catches your eye, or nose!

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A bit about us

Mo & Co Soaps was founded back in August of 2021. During this time, my eyes opened to the world of handcrafted soaps. Lots of hours were consumed trying to learn as much as I could on the topic. I eventually ended on the conclusion that handcrafted soaps were good, yes, but could I ever afford them, no. I knew the whole world needed to be able to experience these miracle soaps without having to mortgage their house to afford them. 


And so I set out on my journey to make handcrafted soaps that were affordable while being better than others already on the market. There were a few key parts I needed to achieve in order to accomplish my goal. I needed to not include a bunch of extra unnecessary ingredients in the soaps and I also needed to not add any added color or designs since this does not contribute to the effectiveness of the soap. These two factors would enable me to keep my costs low which I could then pass down to my customers.


A little added bonus that I wanted to be sure to include was donating a portion of my profits to charity to insure I left the world better than I found it. This later turned into Mo & Co donating $0.25 per bar we sell to charitable organizations. To this day we have been able to donate over $1,800 to various charities around the United States. This feels so great to be able to do this, it acts as a good motivator to keep going. 


It’s time for you to feel great about the products you buy. Buy some Mo & Co Soaps and start feeling great, today.