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Moisturized Skin

With 25% Shea butter, along side coconut oil and olive oil. Your skin is going to feel great.

Scents For You

With well over 25 scents to choose from. You are going to find a few scents to take home.

Every Soap Under $6.00

You don't need to be paying upwards of $10 on ONE bar of soap. Here, you can treat yourself by spending close to half that (for a bigger soap).

No Added Colors Or Designs

By not including these things in our soaps, this allows us to make a soap you can actually afford.

Absolutely No Preservatives

We all know, you don't want to rub preservatives on yourself. You're in luck, Mo & Co is here to save the day.

You're Going To Wish You Found Mo & Co Soaps Sooner