Lifetime donations collected: $1,797.50

We've also supported our community by:

- Donating 100 half bars to homeless outreach center.

- Donating 20 bars to Good Life Refuge.

- Donating 34 bars to SVCMS.

- Donating $150 to Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten

- Donating $30 to the ChangeForChange campaign\

- Removing 260 pounds of trash out of the ocean

- Planting 260 trees

- $41 to SVCMS

- $273.50 to Good Life Refuge


The ingredients we use in our soaps have been carefully selected for specific reasons. When we first started making soaps, we decided to make it a point to use only the most necessary ingredients. This means you won't find added color, cheap harsh chemicals, or decorations in our soaps. Here is what our bars are made out of:
  • Saponified Olive Oil - This will help soften your skin, while also keeping the bar hard.
  • Saponified Coconut Oil - This is a cleanser for your skin, it also creates a thicker lather.
  • Shea Butter - This adds the moisturizing aspect to our bars that people love.
  • Fragrance - This is the scent in the bars, whether it's fruity, floral, or outdoorsy, we nail it.
  • Distilled Water - And finally this helps with the saponification process which turns oils into soap.