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How YOU benefit from using Mo & Co Soaps:

- Each bar of soap sold donates $0.25 to charity, which creates the change you want to see.

- Our soaps contain 25% shea butter, which is great for your dry skin.

- We use no unnecessary ingredients.

- We don't use colors, clays, flowers, or herbs. As these are unnecessary.

- Each bar is hand labeled.

- Our soaps are vegan friendly.

- Our soaps provide LOTS of sudsy, creamy lather

- They are versatile. Whether you need your hands clean, body clean, or even hair clean, our soaps will get the job done.

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"Love the clear and concise ingredient list along with the focus on giving back to our communities!"

Jeff K.  -  San Diego, CA

I absolutely love Mo & Co soaps!! The scents are really amazing and my skin felt so smooth!! I am a big fan of the minimal (no plastic) packaging.

Niyati B.  -  Denver, CO

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