Keep It Dry

Between uses, it is important to keep your soap dry to make your soap last the longest time possible. No matter if you use the soap in the shower or wash your hands with it.

A great way to keep your soap dry is with a Mo & Co Soap dish. They are fully compostable and made of cellulose and bamboo.

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Care For Your Soap

Cold process soaps last anywhere from 15-25 showers. We got one of our soaps to last around 25 showers.

It is critically important to dry your soap out after every use, as well as keeping your soap out of moist environments. When doing this, Our 5oz bars last around 25 showers.

Now for handwashing. Since day one, I don't think we have used a full bar to completion while washing our hands. We still have a bar of soap going strong after 1-2 years of usage.

Mo & Co Soap Dish

Our soap dish is specifically designed to elevate your soap above the dish, where some water may collect so your soap can last longer.

This is important because to have your soap last the longest, you need to seperate your soap from any water, the best you can.

Alternative Methods

We have heard our customers say their soaps last longer when they cut the soap into smaller pieces and use the smaller pieces to wash with.

People have also had a good experience rubbing the soap on a loofah first. That way you keep all your suds and prevent them from running down the drain.

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