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"Smells great and lathers up for a good clean feeling"




"Wonderful scents, Creamy, Moisturizing lather, Pure ingredients, bargain priced"




"We love how gentle and soothing this soap is, and with the perfect amount of scent. Not at all overpowering."




"Very high quality".




"I love these soaps! My skin is very dry and these bars really help my skin stay moisturized."

Brooke S.  -  Frederick, CO



"I have never written a testimonial before, but you know when you need to share a great product with your friends (and the rest of the world)! Knowing that this company was started by two local teenagers (who are devoted to do the best at what they are making) deserves recognition. I met them at a local market and became addicted to their soaps. If you find them at an event, get a sample. They are the cutest and most original things I have ever seen. You will get to know their product and you will be hooked! The fragrance of all of their soaps are amazing, they smell delicious. I just purchased 50 of their soaps to send as favors for my daughter's high school graduation. They were delivered 30 minutes later to my door. Thank you Owen for you dedication, and outstanding customer service. I hope these wonderful soaps bring a smile to everyone who gets one!"


Guio B.  -  Longmont, CO



"I used Mo & Co Soaps for a company event and it was a huge hit! I ordered 120 bars and needed them on a tight timeline. Not only were they able to accommodate my deadline, they went out of their way to help me customize the soap fragrances to match my event (Warm Flannel and Tobacco Herb for my Redwood Forest and s'mores retreat!). As an extra, completely unexpected surprise, the soaps showed up with the event logo printed on the label! They actually researched and found the logo and printed it without my even knowing. Incredible service! All that, and the soaps made it well before my tight deadline. Everyone at my event raved about the soaps (and still do!). I can't say enough about this product and team. Quality and heart, all the way through. I highly recommend Mo & Co for any event!"


Vicky R.  -  Half Moon Bay, CA



"I was very hesitant at first after using liquid soap for so long, but when I discovered Mo & Co Soaps my mind was quickly changed. These soaps are the only thing that now enters my shower!"


Lilly D.  -  Thornton, CO



I know people will find it normal that the CEO is talking about his company so fondly. But in this testimonial, I am fully throwing out the fact that I am a part of this company. I want to truly emphasize how amazing these soaps are. Literally when I wash my hands, I get my hands wet, rub the bar twice on my hands, put the bar down and keep rubbing my hands, I get plenty, and I mean plenty of suds. That is pretty incredible when you compare it to mass produced soap. The quality of this soap really amazes me. My hands feel so smooth and moisturized afterwards. The last thing I want to highlight is that; These soaps are beautiful, but not TOO beautiful. Other soaps may be super artistic or fancy, fancy enough to not use them or only give them as gifts. But with Mo & Co Soaps, you want to actually use them and enjoy all the features they have to offer. 

Owen W, Mo & Co Founder & CEO.  -  Longmont, CO



I love Mo & Co Soaps! They’re all honest bars of quality soap using clean natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable materials. I like the rustic appearance of the products, too, no plastic wrappers, etc. In the past, I occasionally got fancy-looking bars of decorated soap as gifts, the kind of soap I would never open. They would sit in a basket next to the washbowl, and I would eventually put them away somewhere for lack of use. I’ll go for the product of value over the image product every time; thank you. I started late last year (2021) using Mo & Co Soaps for use as a hand and face soap. I was amazed how well it lathered up, had lots of suds, excellent cleaning ability, and left my hands and face smooth, and it wasn’t at all drying. I now use these soaps in my shower and no longer have dry skin issues from over-the-counter soaps. I ordered a dozen mixed bars of Mo & Co Soaps right before this last Christmas and gave them as gifts to my family, friends, and neighbors. Everyone loves and uses these soaps, and I specifically chose the scent of each bar I gave as gifts to match what I thought each would most enjoy—a little more personal that way. Everyone receiving my gift was impressed with the quality of these soaps and was amazed the company was started, is managed, and production done by two teenage entrepreneurial friends, also that they donate $0.25 from each bar to charities. I’ve learned they routinely give their soaps free of cost to local homeless shelters and donate their products to charitable fundraisers. These are good people!

Bill H.  -  Half Moon Bay, CA



"Love the soaps and the soap dish. The scents are wonderful and the dish is perfect!" 

Anonymous  -  Boulder County



"I love these soaps! They are great and smell good. Their shipping is accurate and prompt. Thank you Mikie and Owen We wish you much success in your company."

JoAnn J.  -  Greeley, CO



"Just bought a few of these soaps, love love love the fragrance and soap. And the service, chat function, responsiveness, was outstanding! Great products, price and service! Happy to see young entrepreneurs being successful!"

Betty F.  -  Longmont, CO



"I can't wait to get in the shower because I know how great I will smell after bathing with Mo and Co's Amber bar."

Rae H.  -  Longmont, CO



"I was very hesitant to order sight unseen especially without being able to smell the scent (or lack of). True to their story, the soaps are really nicely made and not overpowering. They were promptly delivered along with clear communication. So happy to support these young entrepreneurs!"

Robin R.  -  Longmont, CO



"I absolutely love Mo & Co soaps!! The scents are really amazing and my skin felt so smooth!! I am a big fan of the minimal (no plastic) packaging."

Niyati B.  -  Denver, CO



"The very first time I used this soap, I marveled at how fast it lathers up and it’s so creamy! I tried the “Killer Cocolime” and the fragrance is to “die for” ! Smells good enough to eat! It leaves hands soft and supple which is most welcomed by our thirsty skin caused by our dry, high mountain desert air. We loved this soap so much that we ordered 150 bars of assorted scents and donated them for Holiday gift bags given to our senior shut-ins in our community. We regularly hear rave reviews from the appreciative Recipients !! We plan to donate 150 bars of Mo and Co soaps again this year and we are confident that our Seniors will be thrilled!"

Sandy B.  -  Gardnerville, NV



"I do a lot of grubby work outside and in my awesome woodshop. My hands and arms often look like I just got out of a coal mine. Mo & Co Soaps clean them up in a hurry and also add a scent of fresh fragrance. Really great product!"

Jeff H.  -  Maple Valley, WA




"Love the clear and concise ingredient list along with the focus on giving back to our communities!"

Jeff K.  -  San Diego, CA



"Wow! I am a long time subscriber to Dr. Squatch. I was given some samples of this soap and right away noticed how awesome they smelled. I immediately decided to buy a 6 pack of different smelling soaps. These soaps don’t just smell amazing, they seem to keep my skin more moisturized and not as dry! I believe this product competes with the best. I cant wait to try more!"

Travis S.  -  Longmont, CO



"I was given some of this soap for Christmas and I was blown away by how lovely it smelled. It made showering like going to the spa. I am currently using the Berry Vanilla Cobbler and the scent of it lingers in my bathroom and bedroom for hours. I had to track down where this soap came from and I am so happy to have found this company and look forward to working my way through all the scents.
Thank you for all the care that you put into this soap."

Kat S.  -  Gardnerville, NV 


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