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Sensitive skin? What soap should I use?

Your skin can get irritated for any number of reasons. It is important you don't irritate your skin further by using the wrong soap. In soap, a lot of components can irritate your skin. Things like added color, fragrance, etc. There is this thought that only fragrances or scents can irritate your skin but even a certain type of oil could possibly irritate your skin.

Many soaps you'll find elsewhere will contain upwards of 6-7 different oils. Our Basic Bar only contains 3 base oils, these are shea butter (usually used for moisturizing), Olive Oil (a great pure oil), and coconut oil (used sometimes for hydration). All of those oils you and I can pronounce, that is one of our pillars in which we stand on. You may be asking, "but why only those oils", we only use those oils because that is all a soap needs. A soap has no need for "Apricot Kernel Oil" or "Almond Oil" (yes those are both real oils). Along with making your soap more expensive, you will only find about 5%-10% of it in your soap because there are so many other ingredients to fit into the recipe. Therefore the benefits of that oil will be less than positive because there is barely any in the soap to begin with. It is possible one of those oils helps defeat sensitive skin but because it is mixed in with 6 other oils, there is such a low amount in the soap that it barely does what people know it for. 

If you are looking for a great soap for your sensitive skin, look no further than Mo & Co Soaps' Basic Bar. This is one of our most popular scents for people with sensitive skin. This is because not only does it not have fragrance, it also has a very low amount of base oils. 

Be sure to give Mo & Co's Basic Bar a try. Many of our customers love it because it helps their sensitive skin. Buy The Basic Bar Here

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