• Grace S.

    "I love the value I get from ordering 6 soaps! My six soaps last around 5-6 months, they smell incredible, and feel amazing on my skin."

  • Jessica L.

    "Mo & Co Soaps are great because they are really good quality, handcrafted and all natural. They also smell fantastic!"

  • Carla M.

    "The scents I picked all smelled great, they also had the perfect amount of scent. I like how for every bar of soap I bought, Mo & Co donates 25 cents to charity."

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What We Do

We provide you with the most affordable, yet best quality all natural, handcrafted soaps. Our soaps are never made with added colors or other unnecessary ingredients like flowers or specialized seed oils.

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Who We Are

My best friend and I started this company as juniors in highschool back on August 10th of 2021. Since then, the whole family has taken part in growing Mo & Co Soaps. We are all very happy to provide you with the best handcrafted soaps money can buy.

Soap Donation

Our Vision

No one is interested in paying top dollar for subpar soap. That's why we had the thought to make the very best quality soap, but make it one of the most affordable soaps you could buy. We also donate 25 cents per soap we sell to a rotating charity in need, just to make the world a better place.

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Any Questions?

How big are your soaps?

All of our soaps are 5oz (141g) at labeling.

How are your soaps scented?

We never ever use synthetic, unnatural fragrances. We only ever use natural fragrances to scent our soaps.

What should I buy for the best value?

Order 12 soaps to get free shipping and a free bar of soap. (U.S. only at this time). Remember, Mo & Co Soaps make excellent gifts!

How are your soaps tested?

No one likes animal testing. That's why our soaps are tested only by people.

Are your soaps vegan?

Yes, all of our soaps are vegan. None of the ingredients we use are made from animals or byproducts of animals.

Can I use your soaps to wash my hair?

Yes you can! Many of our customers have had a great experience using our soaps as a replacement to shaving cream, shampoo, etc.

I have sensitive skin, are your soaps okay for me?

Our Basic Bar is perfect for sensitive skin. This soap has no scent whatsoever. For our scented soaps, we have developed all natural scents that we use.

Customers have told us, the basic bar is excellent for those with eczema and other skin sensitivities.

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